Upper Limit on Mahr in Islam

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Islam does not set up any fixed upper limit on the amount of Mahr. However, this does not means that the bride or her wali can demand any unreasonable big amount of money. Islam recommends that the amount and kinds of Mahr should be made light and easy on the husband. Something that he would be happily and readily give to her wife. If there is a Mahr that is a burden on husband, it might be a bad omen of a miserable or non-compassionate Nikah.

Problems with big Mahr?

The amount of Mahr was supped to be taken in a simpler way as financial security for the bride. But we as Muslims have complicated the Islamic rulings about it. Heavy amounts are being demanded from the bride’s side. This has not only led to a financial burden on the husband but it also delays their decision to marry-until the time that they cannot afford Mahr.

This problem needs to be tackled and we need to understand the true meaning of different forms of Mahr. In our previous blog, we discussed how the Prophet (Peace be upon him) approved a Nikah in exchange for the portion of Qur’an memorized by the husband. Parents need to be more understanding and realize that demanding light and easy Mahr is for the long-term happiness of their Nikah.

In one Hadith, Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

“The best of marriages are the easiest.”

[as-Sahihah no. 1842]

In another Hadith, Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

“Verily, a sign of blessing for a woman is that her engagement, sadaq and womb are all made easy.”

[Sahih ul-Jami no. 2235]

So, we see that Islam emphasizes to make Mahr easy and simple for the benefit and happiness of both the bride and the groom.

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