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As this week, we discuss the rulings and Islamic principles related to Mahr, today our focus is to understand the different kinds of Mahr. Usually, Muslims in our society understand Mahr as the dowry which is to be paid in the form of money. But this is not the only case!

Types of Mahr

Mahr being referred to as dowry under Islam can take numerous forms. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Jewellery
  • Clothes
  • Material gift
  • Non-material gift

What should be the amount of Mahr?

Many of us are confused about the amount of the Mahr that the husband should offer to his wife. To get a clear idea about it, it has been mentioned that the amount of dowry should be in accordance with the financial position of the husband. This means, that the money given as Mahr should not impose a financial burden on the husband. Also, the amount of Mahr should be in accordance with what is reasonable for the bride pertaining to her social status.

Who decides the Mahr agreement?

the agreement of the Mahr specifies the kind and the amount of the Mahr that the husband is ready to gift to his wife. such an agreement is generally made between the husband and the wali of the bride.

What if one cannot afford Mahr?

Even if a husband cannot afford the amount in Mahr or does not have even a  small material thing to gift, in that case also, Mahr can be given in some other form.

In one Hadith, Prophet allowed a man who had no money or no ring to marry a woman in exchange for the Surahs of Qur’an that he had memorized. The benefit behind it the Surahs that the husband had memorized, he could pass on that knowledge to his wife. This would be his to gift to her in kind.

Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,
” Go have her as wife. i marry her to you for the portion of the Qur’an that you memorized.”

[al-bukhari, Muslims and others]

Thus, the Islamic ruling about Mahr is very delicate and yet simple. One only needs to understand and share!