Who can be a difficult Wali?

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The earlier blogs this week have been discussing the importance of Wali for a Nikah. It is the obligation on the Wali that he presents the daughter, by blood or by law, for marriage and fulfil his responsibilities in the best of her interest. Unfortunately, sometimes life shows us different lessons and it is not necessary that as a Muslim daughter one always gets a humble wali only.

Who can be a difficult wali?

In such a case, when the wali is cruel and tries to do unnecessary harm to his daughter then no such action is justified. Not only this, but the wali also has no right to stop his daughter from doing things that have made permissible for her. This includes her education and her needs within the boundaries mentioned by Allah.

How to deal with a difficult wali?

Whenever such an incident arises due to harshness of the wali, then the daughter has the right to protest and fight in the dispute before the right Islamic authority. During her fight, if the allegations made by her come true then the Islamic judge who has been given the right can command the wali to change his course of action. He might also ask the wali to transfer his guardianship to someone who deems to be more fit than him in carrying out the responsibilities towards her daughter’s Nikah more lovingly.

So, for those Muslim sisters who are facing difficulties at home because their wali is unable to fulfil the responsibility then it is important to fight for your rights. Allah does not leave injustice for the innocent. So, if your interests are not being met in the best possible manner, you need to approach an Islamic judge as identified in the Shariah. His judgment will direct your wali’s actions on the right path.


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