Continuing from our previous article, today we will be discussing about the some recommendations that we as Muslims must observe after the Nikah is completed. Once the Nikah is completed, Walima is recommended. The word Walima is derived from another word called Awlam. Awlam means a gathering, an assembling or a happy feast. So, Walima is like a small gathering so as to celebrate the Sunnah of Nikah and share happiness with closed ones and friends. Since Walima forms an integral part of post Nikah procedures, so we will recommend some practices to take care of during Walima.

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  • Walima is considered to be as Wajib.
    When it is said that Walima is Wajib, it means that it is one of the greatest Sunnah of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.). So, it must be performed in a manner to celebrate and share gratitude for completing the Nikah. However, this does not mean that if the poor people are unable to make such a gathering, it will be considered as sin. If you are not financially strong to celebrate Walima, then you should feed the poor a meal.
  • No fixed timings for Walima.
    As such there is no particular timings for Walima. But it is recommended that t should be performed son after the Nikah contract has been signed or the marriage has been consummated. Generally, the time duration for the Walima remains till two days after the Nikah has been completed.
  • Giving and accepting Walima Invitations.
    You should invite both the rich and the poor people to your Walima. A gathering where only rich people are invited is not a type of gathering with which Allah is pleased. Also, there is Hadith relating to the acceptance of invitation to Walima.

    It is stated in al-Ikhtiyar: “A Walima is an established Sunnah. The one who does not accept it would be sinful, for the Messenger of Allah said: “He who refuses an invitation disobeys Allah and His Messenger.”

    This means that you should always try to attend the Walima gatherings of your friends and relatives. In case you are fasting, then you should attend and make Dua, and if not, then you should eat and make Dua. However, if you neither eats nor attends, then you will be sinful.

So, these are the few recommendations that you must observe while organizing as well as attending a Walima.

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