Men and women were created by Allah (SWT) without being subjected to one another.

Islam has ensured gender equality and women’s rights in every aspect of their lives.

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Islam ensures that men and women have equal rights and that there is no discrimination between them. 


Can women recite Quran during periods?

Yes, a woman can recite the Quran during her periods. 

Women used to menstruate during the time of Allah’s Messenger, and if reciting was haram for them, as it is for men, then this would have been one of the things that the Prophet [SAW] forbade to his ummah, and the Mothers of the Believers would have known about it and passed it onto the people.

However, it is not permissible for the woman to touch the Holy Quran without gloves, a handkerchief, or a clean piece of cloth. It is permissible for her to recite without touching it.

Therefore, It is not permissible to make it haram. 

Can women offer Namaz during periods?

It is haram for a menstrual woman to pray both Farz and nafil prayers, and if she does, the prayers are not valid. In Islam, there is a saying that “difficulty brings ease,” which means that when a person is going through a difficult time, Islam will make certain concessions to make life easier.

So the issue isn’t that women are “not allowed” to pray, but instead that they are exempted from doing so because these responsibilities are arduous and time-consuming.


Can women fast during periods?

No, a woman should not fast during her periods. In fact, it is haram to do so. 

Allah has forbidden menstrual women from fasting out of pity for them because blood loss weakens them, and if a woman fasted while menstruating, she would be weakened both by menstruation and by fasting, making it an unjust burden and possibly hazardous.

If a woman has her period while fasting, her fast is nullified, even if it occurs shortly before Maghrib, and she must make up that day if it was an obligatory fast.

However, she has to make up for all the missed fasts once her periods are over. 


Can women pray Taraweeh in Mosque?

A female praying Tarawih or other prayers in the Mosque is perfectly acceptable. The basic principle for a woman’s prayer is that she should pray at home. Still, suppose she believes there is an interest to be served by praying in a mosque, as long as she covers herself adequately, because it is more motivating for her or because she can benefit from listening to lessons. In that case, there is nothing wrong with that.

It’s also beneficial because it has numerous benefits and encourages individuals to do nice things.

If a woman is afraid of being lethargic at home, the Mosque is preferable. However, if that is necessary, there is nothing wrong with it. The women used to pray with the Prophet [SAW] five times a day.