Say No to Valentines- Part 1

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With the upcoming buzz around Valentine’s Day this week, today we will be talking about the things that we are supposed to do as true Muslims. It is very common to see young boys and adults indulging in immodest activities. Out of many such activities, Valentine’s week is one.

Why Valentine’s is such a buzzword?

As we look around us, we realize that the young Muslim generation is very much affected by the concepts and ideas of the western countries and foreign religions. Due to this factor, many of our Muslim brothers and sisters have forgotten their true identity. When they spend most of their time with people who are far away from Islam, they tend to imitate their lifestyle. One such evidence is seen in Valentine’s week when they run behind false ideas and indulge in Haram activities.

Also, a lot of teenagers feel emotionally attacked and their actions are driven due to peer pressure. Peer pressure is very harmful especially when it forces one to stray away from the right path. One also tend to perform differently when one has lack of knowledge about Islam. All such factors have contributed towards this week’s buzz around Valentine.

Why celebrating Valentine’s is Haram?

If we question this to ourselves, we will get the answer in few seconds. Valentine week is created on the idea of celebrating love between two people which developed as a concept in western countries. Such a celebration is okay for married couples. But when it is practiced by teenagers, it becomes a Haram act. Allah has not given a modest status to the love relationship between two non-mahrams  before their Nikah.

The week-round celebrations tend to bring youngsters mingle with one another. When Allah has introduced concepts like Pardah and Haya in Islam for both Muslim men and women, then it is unreasonable to think that Valentine’s will be welcomed in the Sunnah of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). We hope you remember our blog where we shared the first Halal love story in Islam. It received a very heart-warming response from our readers.

This is why we all need to ponder once again and think about our actions. We not only should try to refrain ourselves from such activities but also share knowledge about the same with others. Sharing the right knowledge and helping your Muslim brothers and sisters towards the right path is a Sadqah of its own.


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