Nikah Halal - Concept of Mahr in Islam Concept of mahr is ...

The Mahr for women in Islam is given a very important status as it is the financial guarantee that the husband offers to his wife at the time of Nikah. Considering this, it has been advised by Allah and Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him), that the Mahr should be given to the wife at the time of Nikah itself. If due to some urgent or unfortunate conditions, the duty of the husband is to pay the Mahr as soon as possible in front of some witness.

Is taking away a woman’s Mahr a sin?

Many of us do not take it seriously but Mahr is also like the debt that is tied on the neck of the husband if it remain unpaid at the time of Nikah. So, if the husband tries to refrain his wife from her right of Mahr, then it is written as a grave sin on the pat of the husband. In this regard, one Hadith has been shared.

Allah,s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

“Indeed among the greatest sins before Allah is that of a man who marries a woman, and after he fulfills his need with her, he divorces her and takes her mahr; and a man who hires another man but does not give him his pay; and a man who kills an animal without reason.”

[as Sahihah no: 999]

So, the Hadith clearly tells our Muslim brother to save themselves from committing such a serious crime. In many of the Western countries, man take the advantage of marrying a woman for a small amount of Mahr. Once their needs are fulfilled they divorce the woman and take back their Mahr. Such men should fear Allah and remember that they can get rid of such evil actions in this life but nothing can save them on the Judgment Day.