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What is Du’a?

Du’a is a simple yet very less understood word by a Muslim in Islam. Du’a is beyond some human explanation. But to put it in simple words, Du’a is the strongest weapon for a Muslim in Islam. It is the way through which you connect with Allah and open your heart to Him.

Du’a in times of difficulty?

As every human being goes through a difficult time at some point or the other, we feel helpless and out of peace. In such times, the only weapon we have is our Du’a. Du’a has the power of miracles which can solve your greatest problems only if you call out to Him with your pure heart and true intentions.

Appropriate time for Du’a?

When you know Du’a is your direct pathway to talk to Allah, then do you think that Allah will prescribe a suitable time for it? Of course not. He loves us and is there for everyone who turns to Him. So, the misconception of making Du’a at some particular time should be abandoned from society. However, the time before Fajr also known as Tahajjud prayer is a time that Allah likes the most. he likes when we call to Him in the middle of the night while sacrificing our sleep and comfort.

Language of Du’a?

Du’a recognizes each and every language provided it comes out from the deepest corner of your heart. Many people resist from making Du’a because they think they are unlearned and do not know the right words to say. Du’a is your conversation with your Creator. He knows you and understands your heart and mind. Make Du’a in words that are simple for you to say. Make Du’a in such a language in which you can explain the heaviness of your heart. If you can do that, there is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than the heaviness being lifted away from your chest. Break your problems into small parts and explain to Allah what difficulties are you facing and why solving them matters to you. Allah is our guide and He will only show us to the right path. Ameen.