muslim nikah contractMuslim marriage is a private affair of two families who unite as the bride and groom sign their consent on Nikah papers. In India, Muslim marriages are also a kind of legal contract that duly follows a procedure under the Islamic law. The matrimony is deemed to be accomplished when you fulfill the legal requirements to be recognized as a social as well as a legal contract. We would like to educate you about the important conditions that you should not miss while performing the Nikah.


A happy marriage is the one where both girl and boy happily agree to enter the matrimonial contract. If you intent to pressurize either of the party, then the fruits of the marriage may not be very sweet. This is the reason that a formal proposal of marriage is made called ijab and consequently that proposal is accepted called as qabul.

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Nikah is a lifelong promise between a bride and groom to be each other’s protectors and loyal partners. Allah has gifted the bond of Nikah in Islam with Mehar. Mehar in Islam is a security deposit which is extended by the groom to ensure the financial independence of a woman. As the groom enters into Nikah with the bride, he exercises his right over her. This is why, Mehar acts a claim of security as recognized by Allah.


Nikah is a marriage contract which is signed in the presence of witnesses from both the families. This is a mandatory part of Muslim marriage which you cannot skip. At the the time of signing the contract, the bride and groom needs two witnesses who ensures the credibility of the signatures. Now, you must be thinking the people eligible for becoming witnesses. A witness can be anyone from your family or near and dear ones. One man count as one witness. However, two women count as one witness.

Signature and Stamp

All the above mentioned conditions form the part of preliminary preparation. The marriage contract is legalized after the signatures of both bride and groom, Imam who reads the Nikah, respective Wali (guardian) of bride and groom, and all the witnesses on both sides. The signatures are done on a legal paper identified under Islamic law. It is then stamped by the required Notary Office.

So, now you know Muslim marriage more closely from  a legal perspective. The best knowledge is the one which is shared. Let us share it with our Muslim brothers and sisters as much as we can .