The first halal love story in my Islam

Time stands in awe and rejoices when the reference of Prophet PBUH and Khadija RA is given. For indeed it was the first Muslim marriage between the first woman who embraced Islam and our blessed prophet! Fairytales, mythologies and fake beguiling stories that are projected don’t come in even close proximity with the genuineness and the purity of love that existed between the then married couple. Whether it was business-related or opting for a life partner, a prosperous and successful entrepreneur woman who was choosy and wise, fell for a young man of 20’s whose work ethics and character enticed her to approach him directly with her proposal for marriage. While, she was approached with men of greater financial stature than Muhammad PBUH, and the fact that no other person possessed the reliability at the same time wisdom as of his, at a time when she was standing in the way of patriarchy, she made a picky decision in having Muhammad PBUH as her soulmate and support system. Her decision proved to be a blessing to her. With Muhammad PBUH, by her side, she rose on to new heights in her already flourishing business. Moreover, having him by her side, she was uplifted both spiritually and morally. They had six children together including the blessed Fatima R.A. who is pronounced as the leader of all muslimahs in Jannah. They enjoyed a successful marriage culminating in the death of Khadija RA.


The influence of Khadija on Prophet’s PBUH heart was such that he remembered her even after her and no other woman could replace her in his heart. Khadija’s behaviour as a wife was responsible for that, something that still remains a lesson and guidance for a modern-day successful marriage. Not only Khadija, Prophet’s equal commitment and participation landed sweet memories in his heart even after her death, which made him miss her more because she was irreplaceable. Khadija’s virtues of being loving, caring, faithful helped her gain his trust. It was the prime time in Prophet’s life but with Khadija by her side, he found not just a soulmate in her but a friend as well, who he could go to for comfort and peace of mind. She, in turn, loved him and together they made each other feel special. When angel Gabriel for the first time emerged before Prophet PBUH leaving him in a state of tremor and bewilderment, she was the one to comfort him and help him find order in what appeared frenzy and disagreeing to senses. When Prophet PBUH, attained Prophethood, and he tried to invite the people to Islam, he was mocked and hatred for him grew to the extent that he was forced to leave his homeland. Even in that state, Khadija never left his side even though it meant forsaking her wealth and empire she had established up till then. She was a source of inspiration for him and both of them complimented each other.

Living in the companionship of a much older person (Khadija was 15 years elder to him), always bestowed upon him the love that elders have for younger people. Khadija would never break his heart and would always be respectful towards him and even though it may have pushed her to compromise. All of these virtues, because she understood him and was thoroughly in love with him. In him, she had found the perfect partner worth the sacrifices that she happily made. Her health deteriorated when they were forced to abandon their hometown but Khadija’s love stood the test of time and till her last breath, she made him feel special. A lesson to understand here is that, our Prophet who was a victim of tragedies all his life didn’t become bitter or tempted towards indulging in evil. First at a very young age he lost his father, then when he and his mother were returning after paying regards on his grave, his mother passed away, left in the custody of his grandfather, he passed away no sooner than that, then he was finally handed over to his uncle who taught him the art of trade. His uncle sometime later passed away too, leaving him at the mercy of his creator alone. All these events, he moulded to give a positive effect on his personality. He became more humble, more patient and kind in his behaviour that paved the way for affable relations between him and his Almighty. Khadija R.A. was able to see this all and choose the man for herself which created the most successful marriage in the history of Islam. A bond based on love that was realised in this world and shall continue in the hereafter as well, insha’Allah!



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