She is a much-beloved creation of Allah. Jannah lies under the feet of a mother and a daughter paves the way for her family into Jannah itself! What better status will a woman in Islam enjoy?

As salamu Alaikum fam! Today I’m going to talk to you about a much-misunderstood topic because I myself was a victim of this misunderstanding until my very dear friends and Mufti Mekh’s lectures themselves came to the rescue. May Allah reward you, people, immensely.

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Nikah Halala- A term equivalent to the level of avoidance is something that translates to utter ignorance with the way, Muslims are exploiting it. In Surah Al-Baqarah 2:230, Allah says:

“And if he has divorced her (the third time), then she is not lawful unto him thereafter until she has married another husband”

This relates to the Islamic way of realisation for both the husband and his wife to avoid the calamity of divorce especially the unsolicited use of the verbal triple talaq and then regretting it later(which was a matter of concern some time ago). Marriage is a choice and one intends to get hitched after thorough thought process and analysis only. You do not marry to divorce subsequently and while I say this, I don’t invite references from the west. There the marriage system is in shambles. But our religion- a preacher of peace and justice doesn’t provide room for calamities like divorces. It isn’t encouraged, rather the husband and wife should look for alternate ways to resolve their outstanding issues. Very often in our Asian culture, we find arguments, a part and parcel of our homes. Disagreements, moment’s heat emerges in marriages but the values and the essence that marriage upholds is always a priority for our grown-ups and they always end up finding a roundabout way to allow shytan to pass. Very often, later they realise how petty of the matter it had been and how marvellous of a couple they had been to make sense before the shytan could succeed in pulling them apart. The wrong notion about “nikah halala”, is that it can be used to get back one’s divorced wife to which the procedure is to get her married to another person, then be in a physical relationship with her and then divorce her again to be Islamically available for her first husband to remarry her, WHICH IS WRONG! It’s wrong because it’s not a procedure, it is the will of Allah that will enforce a circumstance upon the world wherein things will fall in a way that the divorced woman will be able to reunite with her former husband whom she divorced after she has already married another Muslim and divorced him and in this process became legally available to her former husband, all of this happening unintentionally only with the sole will of Allah SWT. Muslims who modify this Islamic way of getting reunited with one’s divorced wife only because they were in a hot state of mind to have divorced each other in the first case and then use an accomplice to act as muhallil ( an accomplice who helps a husband who has divorced his wife, in getting her back) for their muhallal lahu ( the husband, formerly divorcing his wife and having an agreement with his muhallil) self, disrupts the just nature of Islam. In fact, Prophet PBUH cursed the very existence of muhallil and muhallal lahu. In a religion, so rigorously dedicated about the well being and the protection of a woman, Allah wouldn’t have allowed any human being to objectify her. In fact, Prophet PBUH specially mentioned about husbands that the best among them are those who are best to their wives. Similarly, with respect to a wife, in the hadeeth the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“This world is temporary conveniences and the best of its comforts is a believing wife, who when you look at her she pleases you and

– if you tell her to do something she obeys you, and

– if you are away from her she protects you with regard to  herself and your wealth.”

While obedience comes from the heart, true obedience follows in the light of the husband being her genuine care-taker, a person who adopts good manners with his family and a person who truly loves her for the sake of Allah. You wouldn’t want to lose each other to a divorce that would actually return you back to non-mahrams only because shytan was too overpowering to shadow the love that you share. Nikah halala should be a nightmare in the hearts of the true Muslims and they should abstain from it.

Just follow the good old rule. Love each other for the sake of Allah. Be good to your spouse. Pray together and blow away the eavesdropping shaytan away from your peaceful dwelling.

May Allah safeguard us from that what he refrains us from.