Your bag of responsibilities as Muslim Parents

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In Islam, we have a very extraordinary status for parents. This is the reason that Allah has made matrimonial bond such a necessary Sunnah and starting families of your own after that. As parents, the individuals are vested with the great responsibility of their children’s better upbringing.

The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) clearly states that “O Believers save yourselves and your dependents’ from the fire whose fuel are humans and the stones”. (Qur’an 66:6)

It shows that as soon as the couples enter parenthood, they hold the responsibility of making them as good Muslims. They should not only be present to provide food, shelter, and good education for them but they are the ones who shape them into good or bad humans.

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) has said, “The best thing a father can provide to his child is good manners and ethical training”.

Sometimes, parents feel that their only goal is to get them admitted to good schools and colleges. Good and credible report cards will assure their safe career, respect, and wealth in society. But the responsibility of parents is beyond this. They have to prepare their children for this world and hereafter also. Children are innocent and they can be molded in whatever shape their parents want them to. So, a mother and father are like architectures of their child’s ethics and behavior. In light of this, a mother plays a major role in keeping an eye on the activities of her children just like she plays a major role as the wife for making the home a happier place. If a father teaches his child how to fight with the world, a mother teaches her child how to be kind.

The habits inculcated in childhood stays with an individual even when he/ she grows old and develop new ideologies. This is why Muslim parents must ensure that along with worldly education, Islamic guidance is utmost necessary. Only that can save us from Hell-fire. To do this, parents can change the environment at their home by being role models of how to be good Muslims.

Allah says in Quran, “Your God has decreed that thou shalt worship only Him and adopt good behavior with thy parents”. – (Qur’an 17:23)

Thus, parents must be punctual at performing 5-times Namaz. They should regularly do Zikr and participate more in activities that please Allah. Parents should read Qur’an to their children and also encourage them to learn Qur’an at an early age. All such exemplary actions by parents will help their children to succeed in this world as well as hereafter. Then only the parents can really be proud of upbringing their children in the best manner.


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