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Internet is one of the strongest tools today that control the life of human beings. It has completely transformed the era of digital communication and so has entered in every sphere of life. Humanity has seen changes with the revolution of the Internet which has made life both easier and miserable at the same time. Even an average person is bound to spend quite a lot of time on the Internet. It may not necessarily be used for productive purpose like studying, reading, learning but also be used for destructive purposes that are even Haram in Islam.

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There is not a surprise that today the people look for their spouses on Internet. Some even meet them on the Internet and then their relationship goes forward, all in the wrong manner. However, we want our audience to read the negative results of courting and marrying over Internet. In this regard, we have highlighted below some of the sinful and even questionable practices.

It is a very common thing to set up a fake profile on Internet only to impress others. One uses the ambiguity of Internet to present an unreal picture of someone he wishes to be and not of what he really is. Given the convenience of a private room, a computer and internet connection, one gets the liberty to present anything and everything.

“A person who pretends having that which he does not is like the one who wears two garments of deception.”

[al-Bukhari and Muslim]

As we have talked about the importance of Wali in courting, meeting, and talking; Internet courting is pretty much opposite to it. With the help of Internet, the woman forsakes the role of the Wali and make herself the ultimate judge. She gets played by her emotions and takes the most important decision of her life depending on whatever she sees on Internet.

Internet usage involves a great deal of time. If we consider it as an important factor then we will notice that huge amount of time is wasted in writing a polished e-mail and exchanging worthless conversations.

Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

“A human being’s feet will not depart from before his Lord, on Resurrection Day, until he is questioned about five things: his lifetime and how he consumed his youth and body and how he utilized it, his wealth and how he earned and spent it, and what he did in regard to what he knew.”

[as-Sahihah no. 946]

Not only the wasted time but the publicity and digitization of photographs especially for females is a big issue. The photographs can be saved by anyone and permanently stored on the computer. So, it becomes difficult to trust others as the photo can be misused for any miserable purpose.

Because of the above discussed and various other reasons, Internet courting is still a dangerous practice and should be avoided by the righteous Muslims.