Family in Ramadan

She is the first one to wake up for suhoor. He is the last one to return from taraweeh. She prepares the suhoor out of love. He helps spreading the dishes out of love. She exerts her best in preparation of servings. He ensures he appreciates it all. She washes the dishes he takes to the sink. She thanks for suhoor. He thanks for her.

He leaves for masjid while she prays at home. Sometimes she accompanies him but mostly she prays at home. He offers fajar and returns home. She offers fajar and waits for him. Together they engage in Quran recitations and the tasbeeh: SubhanAllah, Alhamdulilalh, Allahu Akbar.

He says he likes it with her. She says she is blessed. He kisses her forehead. She says she is secure. She starts her day by dusting around. He starts her day by helping around. With recitations from the holy quran, they begun their fast on a blessed note.

She gets his stuff ready while he is too. It’s a no make up month and he loves her glow. Both get ready to do their chores. Distances don’t build in their nine to fours.

She sends him recitations that she can listen to. He acknowledges her love and makes dua for her. Zuhar passes this way and he misses her cooking while on the other hand, she fancies his dinner. The work and the stress keeps them distracted. Yet, whenever they find time, they turn to His remebrance. It is a long day of fasting but the job deludes hunger. She minds her work and obeys taqwa. He stays soft spoken with a non factitious smile. It’s sunnah. The day passes thus.

It’s time tending towards Asar when they head for home. She accompanying her women lot and he in the company of his pious mates. She envies nobody, he lays sight on no woman. They love each other, not only in proximity. A social working vehicle passes by and knowing it passes her way as well, he spends in the way of Allah and pays her share as well. When the same vehicle reaches her stop, the person in charge asks her to not pay , that her husband had already paid her share. She says she wants to for the children without parents, their society cared for as well. She says in her heart always that she would adopt a child from them.

By the time, they reach their home, asar has dawned. They greet each other with warmth only without letting the tinge of tiredness get them peevish. Freshening up, followed by offering prayers, Again in masjid, again at home. Again the recitations back at home, again the shower of love for the sake of Allah. They finish recitation by praying for each other. While looking each other in mercy, they conclude their prayers. It’s time to rest and talk about the day. But the day was tiring, they instead slip into slumber. A conscious slumber lest they should wake up at iftaar. She has an excellent hippocampus. Her sleep and wake cycles organized. She wakes him up some time before iftaar while she’s already up making preparations for it. The sight leaves him at peace and silently without her knowledge he prays for her. Soon, both resume their recitations and tasbeeh: SubhanAllah, Alhamdulilah, Allahu Akbar.

It’s iftaar time. The hunger was overwhelming and the sight of dishes elevated it. The thirst is quenched. The say their prayer and he thanks her for the preparation, while turning to Allah and thanking him for her, again. It’s magrib. One in masjid, other at home where they feel at peace and connected to Almighty. He returns home. The recitations resume and so does the tasbeeh- Subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar. Next, she buckles up for the preparation of dinner. She doesn’t say to him and yet he knows it how the smile and satisfaction on his face at her serving pleases her and causes her infinite happinesses. Her recipe book after Quran is the most reminiscent matter to her. It’s time for dinner that is to be soon followed by Isha and taraweeh. He kisses her before heading for the same while paying regards for her cooking by appreciating it and helping her with the dishes. She initiates the preparation for the ne،t day before landing on the prayer mat۔ Taraweeh makes it long and both are exhausted after that. He returns home to find everything in order and his dessert ready. What feels like the dessert put them to sleep is a wrong notion they both proudly accept. Sleep soon dominates them like a baby and they slip into that regulated  slumber believing that Allah watches over for them.

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