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Entering into Nikah requires a lot of necessary things that cannot be ignored. Nikah is an act of unity which is conducted between a man and a woman for the purpose of enjoying each other and forming a good family. Islam has mentioned the eligibility of both the bride and the bridegroom who can be considered for marriage. Today, we will be highlighting the eligibility of a bridegroom in Islam.

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Must be a Muslim male

It is necessary that you find a good man for your daughter or the woman who is under your custody. A Muslim male who will help in elevating your Deen in a better way. Since your spouse is half of your Deen so it is better to choose someone who is a true practising Muslim.

Should be chaste

The person being considered for Nikah should be chaste and not involved in any kind of sexual activity with other women. He should be completely abstained from extramarital sexual affairs which have a direct link to his character.

Should be sane

The person should be of sound mind. A husband is the bread earner of the family. He takes the responsibility of his wife and the bears the expenses of his children and family. So, it is important that he should be sane and smart enough to work and take decisions.

Should have attained puberty

He should not be immature and must have hit puberty. Since Nikah is the Halal way to extend your family so puberty becomes a crucial factor.

Willful contract

The contract of Nikah should be performed without the use of any coercion. It should not be done under any kind of pressure of family or friends. Decisions made under pressure do not lead to healthy and happy marriages.

Not related to the bride on prohibited grounds

The person being considered is eligible only if he is not related to the bride by a temporarily prohibiting on the grounds of blood, milk or marital relationships.

Such eligibility criteria should be kept in mind before considering a man for any Nikah.