Young Muslim Couple making Du'a after their Nikah

Nikah means the meeting of two souls. It changes the lives of both the bride and the groom. In the hassle of big wedding functions, we forget the real Sunnah and some important Du’a that should be recited after Nikah on the first night. It is important to educate young Muslims about the significance of this Du’a. Seeking the blessing of Allah as you begin the new journey is the wisest act to practice.

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So, after Nikah when the husband gets to be alone with his wife, he should place his hands on her forehead and before starting any conversation should recite the following Du’a.

Abdullah bin ‘Amr narrated that

the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said: “When anyone of you gets a new wife, a servant, or an animal, let him take hold of the forelock and say: Allahumma inni as`aluka min khayriha wa khayri ma jubilat ‘alaihi, wa ‘audhu bika min sharriha wa sharri ma jubilat `alaih”

The significance of this Du’a lies in its meaning. When translated, it says,

“O Allah, I ask You for the goodness within her and the goodness that she is inclined towards, and I seek refuge with You from the evil to which she is inclined”.

Thus, the husband must observe the recitation of this Du’a on their first night after Nikah. It will ensure blessed beginnings on the right path for the couple.

Another important Du’a to be observed after Nikah is the one that you must recite before the sexual intercourse. On the completion of Nikah, it becomes Halal for husband and wife to come close to one another. However, it is not mandatory to perform marital relations on the first night itself. This decision depends on the mutual understanding and readiness of both the bride and the groom.

The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said, “If anyone intends to have sexual intercourse with his wife, he should say: “Bismillah! Allahumma janibnash-Shaitana, wa jannibish-Shaitana ma razaqtana

This Du’a has bestowed a very important meaning on Muslim couples. It means,

In the Name of Allah, O Allah! Keep us away from Satan and keep Satan away from what You have bestowed upon us; and if Allah has ordained a child for them, Satan will never harm him.”

Thus, reciting the du’a before performing marital relations will keep away the evil and will surely bring happy memories in the days ahead. Let us share this piece of knowledge with as many Muslim brothers and sisters as possible.