Nikah is seen as the piety bond between two souls and is also the gateway for mercy and love. Both of these dimensions are the one of the greatest blessings of Allah which are bestowed only upon those who pleases Allah. These are the foundational sentiments that brighten the life of any individual. They bring to the person the feeling of reassurance, security, and lifelong happiness. So, Nikah is a package of happiness disguised in the contract of marriage. One of the most gracious favors of Allah is the love and mercy that He instills among the married couple. With the grace of Allah, the spouses dwell into each other. Their bond grows stronger and they dwell just as one individuals dwells into his/ her home for protection, acceptance, warmth, and happiness.

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Allah says in Qur’an,

“And among His signs is that He created for you, from yourselves, spouses that you may dwell in joy and security unto them, and He set between you love and mercy; surely in that are signs for those who reflect.”

[Ar-Rum 30:21]

There is one more Hadith which will interest our readers with reference to the same.

Ibn ‘Abbas R.A. reported that a man came to the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) and said, “We have an orphan girl under our custody. A poor man and a rich man have both courted her. She prefers the poor man, but we prefer the rich man. What should we do?

The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) responded,

“For those who like each other, nothing has proven as good as marriage.”

[as-Sahihah no. 624]

So, it is clear from the commands of Allah that Nikah leads to the way of love and prosperity. provided we also need to understand the fact that there should be mutual liking towards one another. Both should agree with the decision of spending their whole lives with another. Mutual understanding and acceptance will unravel far greater benefits for both the bride and the groom in the married life.