Duties of a wife

Wife: a person, a man chooses to be with and be accompanied with through thick and thin. Perhaps many people will take alarming hours to ascertain to the honour she deserves and the bounded responsibilities she as a wife has to deliver. Wifey! May Allah safeguard these wives and grant them power and love and respite for the very institution of respect that they uphold. She is the central operating force of her family and this affects the way how members of that family deliver themselves in the outside world. She is lauded in as a stranger, who leaves her own family to settle in new and has the prowess to revolutionise things at her new home. Why do men want to get married? Apart from channelling their overwhelming desires in a halaal way, they intend to bring in a person- a soul mate, a caretaker, a best friend for life and a way to propagate his own family with her. A real man knows and acknowledges the responsibilities of a responsible wife and therefore can’t help the sprouting love and respect he has for her. During the life she leads as a wife from the very beginning when she dawns into his home, a husband more than anyone watches her grow and live up to her responsibilities as she rises to those critical occasions. Throughout her life she is taught to be patient in what life offers her, manage the household affairs (in specific), distinguish between right and wrong, uphold the family dignity and always stay efficient than her previous day. She is moulded into her best formation because those who genuinely contribute to her learnings believe that she must be ready to face every circumstance whatsoever. Nobody can beat the level of transitions she undergoes in her life both physical and mental, yet she stands firm on her feet ready to do whatever you throw at her. Preparing oneself throughout one’s life to belong to people who aren’t her parents or siblings, forsaking one’s family and vacating into another for the rest of the life she’s gonna lead, adapting in the new environment among people whom she has to oblige to and truly belonging to that family is something she’s trained for life but unlike some professional degree, or a job, nobody is expected to pay her for that except the moral and the emotional support that is bound to come from everyone in that family. You don’t owe her anything, instead, this is the rule of the tradition that subjects her to this transition. But talking about a normal human being, the amount of appreciation and acknowledgement he is given, it reciprocates as better delivery of his work and therefore imparts contentment in the system involving him. Times are changing, and even in these changing times, these wives of ours haven’t dropped the art of being efficient in their tasks. Modern-day wives handle both the household pressures while maintaining their professional persona. They are bold, confident, compassionate and resilient and above all multitasking at the same time. They depict their efficiency at homes and at workplaces and this sometimes worries their mother-in-laws. Being a women and a wife to her husband, she should try to support her as much as she can and be another example of women to women empowerment. Such households flourish and husbands of these wives can’t help but be proud of their homemakers.



Jazaka Allah

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