Marrying a good wife solves all the issues and helps to lead a happier life. It is one of the most important decisions that all the attention remains focused on the attributes of a good wife. We also need to pay attention to the qualities that one must seek in a good husband. Nikah works like a team and runs on the contribution of both husband and wife.

Considering this, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) instructed the guardians of women to marry them to men who possess good Deen and Character. When a man of known righteousness and good character seeks to marry a woman, he should be seriously considered.

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One Hadith highlights that Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:

“If a man comes to you seeking marriage, and you are satisfied with his Deen and character, marry him- lest a fitnah and great destruction become rampant on earth.

[Sahih ul-Jami no. 270]

After being satisfied with the Imaan of a person, it is not very reasonable to pay unnecessary attention to the wealth of a man. Unfortunately, when looking for a husband, the woman’s family first pay attention to the bank account balance rather than keeping the priority to be taqwah.

Allah has promised,

“Marry the unmarried among you and the righteous of your male and female slaves. If they should be poor, Allah will enrich them from His favors. Allah is Bountiful and Knowing.”

[An-Nur 24:32]

Allah promises to give such a generous and true promise to the righteous, there is absolutely no guarantee that he will not, in the blink of an eye, take away the wealth of a man who is non-religious and ungrateful to him.

Further, we notice it today that many people are confused and they keep comparing the men whom they are considering for Nikah. So, self-awareness and knowledge of Islam becomes very crucial as it is the only guiding path to accomplish the right things in life.