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If you are thinking to step into the process of finding your spouse, we are sure your heart and mind must be undergoing a brainstorming session of infinite questions. Considering someone for Nikah brings with it a list of questions that you need to ask to know about that person and family. Family background cannot say much about the nitty-gritty of the person’s nature, aspirations, habits, and Deen. This requires that the Muslim families who are involved in the Nikah of their children should allow them to interact under their guidance.

Why do you think such interaction is necessary?

You will be surprised to know but most of the marriages break because of the misunderstandings and mismatch of personalities. If the bride and groom can interact and discuss what is necessary before their Nikah, it can save a lot of Halal relationships and homes.

Confused about what questions to ask? Let us help you.

Questions about Deen.

  1. How often do you recite Qur’an?
  2. Do you pray regularly and observe fasting?
  3. Do you prefer going to Islamic classes or listen to Islamic lectures?
  4. What are your plans regarding Hajj and Umrah for the future?
  5.  How much you try to follow the Sunnah of Prophet as stated in Qur’an in your lifestyle?

Questions about Education.

  1. What are your qualifications? what motivated you to study this far?
  2. Do you plan to pursue your studies after Nikah?
  3. Do you wish to complete your studies and then marry?
  4. How much time will you take to complete your studies?
  5. Do you want to have a career in the same education field?

Questions about Career and dreams.

  1. What is our biggest dream? Do you have any plans for the same?
  2. Are you currently working?
  3. Does your workplace allow you to practice Islam?
  4. Do you wish to work after Nikah? If not, do you wish to start your own business?
  5. Will you be okay if you are not allowed to work in a company after Nikah? (especially to be asked from Muslim women)

Question about Family.

  1. Which family structure do you prefer? Nuclear or joint family?
  2. How many siblings do you have and their whereabouts?
  3. How is your relationship with your father and mother?
  4. What do they expect from you in terms of Nikah?
  5. What is the background of your father and mother?

Questions about personality.

  1. What are your habits? Your favourite hobbies?
  2. How emotionally expressive are you?
  3. Would you like to take care of my parents after nikah?
  4. Do you like to cook? Do you prefer any particulate?
  5. Do you have habits like smoking?
  6. What kind o movies and places do you prefer?
  7. How big is our friend circle? Who are your close friends?

Questions about expectations.

  1. What kind of a spouse are you looking for in terms of qualities and personality traits?
  2. Do you expect to become a mother soon?
  3. What are your opinions about husband and wife roles in the family?
  4. How would you want to share the responsibilities at home?
  5. How do you think Nikah will help us to elevate our Deen?

These are some of the potential questions that you can mask from the person you are considering for Nikah. Such interactions are very important as they play a crucial role in our Nikah decision. We would love to know about your ideas. What according to you can be other questions? Share with us and enlighten your Muslim brothers and sisters as well.