A wife is considered to hold half of your religion. In such a case, if your wife is righteous then it is truly a blessing. Such is the bounty of Allah because if your wife is a true believer then she has the power to shape your future generations and so on. However, if she is not that righteous, then it is your duty being the head of he household to guide her to the right path.

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A man might have married a woman who is not truly religious and has a different way of living than what is mentioned in Qur’an. This can happen because of various reasons. if the husband himself is not very religious then he might not be aware of how and where to choose the religious woman to fulfill his needs with. Another scenario which is possible that the husband might wish to guide her by bringing her under his influence. Not only this, there are situations where men are also pressurized by their family members and relatives to marry a woman without even considering her religious orientation and roots.

A man who is thinking of getting married must also remember that every form of guidance comes from Allah. And Allah is the only power who can transform people on this Earth. One of His blessings to his slave Zakariyah was,

Allah said,

“And, We cured his wife for him.” [Al-Anbiya (21):90]

This curing may have been physical or religious transformation of both the soul and the heart.

Ibn ‘Abbas said:

“She was barren and could not have children, then she had a child.”

‘Ata said,

“She was harsh of tongue, and Allah reformed her.”

You must be wondering the ways of how you can reform your wife. Let us continue to read to ponder about some of the mean that you can adapt for reforming and guiding your wife.

  • Pay attention and correct her worship of Allah in all the aspects that you find necessary.
  • Strive to strengthen her Imaan by starting from correcting small deeds.
  • Encourage her to develop the habit of praying at night (qiyam al-layl)
  • Take out time and recite Qur’an with her and also for her, as much as possible.
  • Start practicing Zakaat (charity).
  • Bring her more Islamic books that will enlighten her.
  • Supply her some good cassettes that can fill her with knowledge of Imaan.
  • Make sure that she has a good company.
  • Try to engage her in social gatherings that do Dhikr of Allah more often.
  • Make sure that you protect her from all the evil places and all the evil companions who can have a bad influence on her.

These are some of the simple by which you can help your wife to transform herself is she find it difficult to be the noble Muslimah.