Love, friendship, tranquillity, harmony, and, most importantly, trust are the foundations of a good Muslim marriage. In Islam, when a man and a woman marry, they vow to each other that they would love and respect the holy tie of marriage. This implies that they should follow their word and maintain as much transparency as possible in their partnership. Building, gaining and maintaining trust, or Amana in Arabic, is a complex endeavour that takes a lifetime of labor.

Allah(SWT) says in the Holy Quran:

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…and they(women) have taken a firm covenant from you?.” (Al-Nisa 4:21).

In this verse, the phrase “firm covenant” alludes to marriage. Marriage is a binding contract of fidelity. A woman entrusts herself to a man simply because she believes in the strength of the bond. If a man breaks a covenant of his own free choice, he has no right to take back the sum he promised his wife as a bridal due at the time of the agreement.

The foundation of your Islamic marriage contract is trust; it is what binds the hearts and souls of two different, sometimes seemingly incompatible people together; it is what helps you understand your life needs, your partner’s preferences, and annoyances; it is what keeps you and your spouse going when stress, arguments, financial distress, anxiety, and external interferences hit your relationship; and it is what Allah(SWT) asks us to have in Him for final results. Allah(SWT) is displeased when something is shattered. “Breaking vows makes people unhappy, and Allah(SWT) is angry,Ali ibn Abu Talib famously said.

Truthfulness (Sidq) and trust (Amana) were, unsurprisingly, the key attributes that drew Khadija, may Allah(SWT) be pleased with her, to the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). These fantastic features underpin the interaction between the first two Muslims in Makkah.

As a result, the vow made at marriage is crucial. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we have lost the significance of the vows we make at the wedding, and instead, breach the promise and continue to break it at every stage of our partnership. People are making the institution of marriage, which Allah(SWT) considers so lovely and which the Holy Prophet(PBUH) advocated for all humankind, uglier by the day. The word “trust in marriage” has lost significance in today’s culture. Infidelity is rising, and individuals are losing faith in their relationships.

In such circumstances, it is prudent to consult the Quran, Allah’s guidance, and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). We must also recognize that, while love is transient, appearing and disappearing for a while, the marriage tie is holy and must be safeguarded. As a result, defend yourself. Protect yourself from going wrong in your marriage and being a target for shaitan, who wants nothing more than sabotage your beautiful union. Remember that when a husband and wife argue, it should be a conflict between them and the shaitan, not between themselves.

Both the husband and the wife must work together to build trust in their marriage relationship. Both parties should avoid doing anything that can raise suspicion between them. A guy should not, for example, compliment another lady in front of his wife. Similarly, the wife should not compliment another guy in front of her husband. Such words, which may appear minor at the moment, might lead to greater tragedies in marriage since it is easy for the shaitan to mislead you and instil doubt in your heart. Remember that the shaitan is a seasoned professional who has broken marriages, instilled distrust, and damaged relationships in the past. Allowing yourself to become his next target is a bad idea. In the absence of her spouse, women should not welcome another guy into the house, and the same is true for men.


It’s critical to establish trust and loyalty with your partner. It helps a lot to keep negativities and suspicions out of the way, but it also helps to have an optimistic mindset. Tell your wife how much you love her, treat your husband like a king, tell your wife that she is valuable to him, and wish your husband a wonderful day! Such actions boost the degree of trust between couples and are, in fact, the foundations for a relationship free of any loyalty concerns. May Allah(SWT) guide us in our marriages down the road of loyalty and affection.