Green Flags for a healthy Relationship

Every relationship in this world consists of Positive as well as negative aspects. It differs for every human being as to what they are willing to bear in the person in context. Here we refer to romantic relationships and other relationships like that of other friendships. Of Course, the relationships between family members are created by Allah(SWT), and he alone can create them.

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Whenever you are with someone, You always tend to ignore the Red flags and Green flags in a relationship. Especially when it involves someone with whom you have an emotional connection or a special bond. It’s really important to cater to those flags and the emotions that they behold. Usually, people tend to look towards the negative or red flags, break the emotional connection, and forget about the positive flags or green flags. Before characterization of flags, you need to figure out what you are looking for in the person who is the context. You need to know what you are looking for and what expectations you behold from them.

After knowing about the needs and qualities, you must be aware of the differences between the needs and wants, i.e., your needs and wants. Green Flag means that the person is safe and should proceed further. More commonly, people look out for these flags when choosing their partners for life.

Knowing a keeper

Usually, every individual categorizes their green flags differently as per their needs and wants. But there are possibilities of a few common categorizations among most people. Firstly, if the person you look forward to respects your decisions and understands the reason as to why you did something that you did. As we all are individuals and behold the capability to take proper decisions, they must respect the decision and understand the reasons behind your matters.

The second green Flag you must notice in your suitor is that they must be able to communicate their feelings and emotions and can state their needs in a well-communicated manner that is easily recognizable by the other person. It not only acts as an ingredient of a long term relationship but also as a foundation of the bond that they might share in the future.

Thirdly, they must cater to your needs and wants as well. No relationship can work well if only one person puts in all the efforts and their efforts are not reciprocated by their partner.

Last but not least, the person you look forward to spending your life with must trust you with all their consent. Not just for saving the day but also for other matters. They must trust you when they are with you or if you are not there with them. The real test for trust happens when the two are away from each other. They must, at all times, know that even if you are not with them, you won’t do anything that would jeopardize the bond or the relationship between the two of you.

The green flags play an important role in relationships. They must be known and communicated well between the pair as they behold the foundation of the relationship upon which the future of the relationship lies. They must be catered to and acknowledged before going forward with things, as they act as the basic needs of the relationship and must be considered a thing to start with.