If you ask what you need to do to become the ideal Muslim woman or wife and your answer is only limited to follow the teachings of Islam. Then this is only a general answer form all the Muslim sisters. If we dig deeper, then we will know the truth in a better way. Today we will be talking about the Ideal Muslimah that each one of us should strive to become. We will start with small and easy steps that you can start practicing in your daily life.

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  • Adhere to your home as much as possible.

  • Try not to talk too much in a futile manner. It is better to remain silent than waste energy.

  • Preserve the right of your husband  both when he is at home and also when he is outside.

  • In any case, do not cheat your husband in relation to your chastity as well as his wealth.

  • Be aware and take care to seek his permission before leaving the house.

  • Dress modestly and make sure that you are not a center of attraction. It is not noble to attract the gaze of strangers.

  • Ignore the men who still come to you with an evil eye even when you move out with a hijab.

  • Remember that it is harmful for you to engage with in conversation with your husband’s friends. Especially when it comes to adultery, people you know are more dangerous than people you do not know.

  • Manage your household with intelligence and love. Invest your time as told in Islam.

  • Stop complaining and practice gratitude more often. Be grateful and satisfied with your husband and the sustenance provided by him by the grace of Allah.

  • Be clean and organized in your acts and words and find the best in your husband.

  • Take initiatives for making marital relations instead of always waiting for your husband. This will bring the feeling of belongingness and your husband will believe that you too are attracted and not just obligated.

  • Train your children to be good Muslims and practice compassion and patience as they are growing.

  • Make sure that you avoid vile language as much as possible especially with your children and refrain from talking back to your husband.

Noble sister, remember that your Paradise is our husband that Allah has made for you. If you obey Allah and then your husband, you will have taken the appropriate steps for going nearer to Jannah (Paradise). If you do not obey your husband, you have needlessly made him your enemy, for your destruction lies in your disobedience of him. Read our previous blogs on the enlightenment for Muslim women.