Choose wisely

As salamulaikum Nikah-forever family.

Time to look for your perfect match? Make sure you choose the right one after thorough inspection.  It’s your life and you are looking forward to spending it with another human being- a person you barely or partially know. At the end of the day, you have to choose and you are under no pressure to call it quits with a person you’re inspecting. Parents, guardians, peers who look for matches for their dear ones, you’re a part of critical decision making for your loved ones. Make sure, you give them the best life long gift. There is goodness and badness in this world. While some people are pliable- liable to change for others, others are incorrigible. Make sure you are looking for a person who won’t need any major corrections in their personality especially when change for them is strenuous.




Matrimonial sites don’t offer you the understandings of an interaction you’d have with a person from your place, your locality or from amongst your family. It is like a leap in the dark and therefore you must be extra careful in your dealings with people you meet online. Also make sure, you have at-least a close friend or a parent who knows about you being a user of a matrimonial site and you regularly update them about your dealings with a person you are seeing or interacting online. Though we try our best to recognise genuine people with genuine marital concerns, we can’t deny the fact that shytan is present everywhere especially when a sensitive and life changing decision as this is on the brink. Understand that your behaviour and your interaction will lay an equivalent impression on the person before you and make sure it is neither too available nor too gloomy. Also recognise your strengths, your weaknesses your habits both right and wrong and be organised by the time you’re ready to present yourself as a match for people out here. Be very sure before leaping in this direction. Often people turn to matrimonial sites when they can’t find good enough prospects in their circle of interaction.


At Nikah forever, we are trying to unite souls that are predestined and we’re ensuring to make it as serious business as one wishes it to be. That is when, we require an equal compliance from you, a participation that is both healthy and wise. We wish you all the best in your search for the right partner and hope you end up finding that with us.

Stay blessed.




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