Terms & Conditions

Nikahforever.com A place where the mortals shall unite and recite Alhamdulillah.

Nikah Forever is a Muslim matrimonial site developed for the core interest of helping Muslim brothers and sisters find their match. It is not a dating website nor do we promote anything that drags one towards haraam. For this we have a very regulated procedure that allows Muslims to register themselves and project their prospective profiles to the similar people who have registered themselves with us only in a secured and healthy environment. This concern is more of a two sided business between the users and the managing authority. This implies that we seek your dedicated cooperation and your responsibility while making use of our services. The data we collect from you should be genuine and true to your knowledge. In case of any anomaly or discrepancy with any profile that you find registered with us you should immediately report to the admin in the form of your customer service inbox. This will not only ensure a safe browsing experience for you but for the others as well and on the whole making this site more and more user friendly and trustworthy. Below are the basic terms and conditions we expect your acknowledgement of. It is important to note that we do renew our T&C nd customer policies every now in a while so it's important that you familiarize yourself with them every now and then.

1. Eligibility: In accordance with the Indian law, we have kept the registration age for men at 21 and for women at 18 strictly. To ensure this we have made the registration process foolproof.

2. Verification: While the above criteria fulfills, the registration process won't still grant you access to select a particular match unless and untill your account is verified. Verification can be made using the number (SMS/Call) or the email Id that you've provided. Make sure, they are in service. Verification process can be a bit tedious sometimes. Be patient with us. 

3. Subscription: The services we provide aren't cost free unless our official email to you says so. Once the verification is done, in order to make use of our services, you have to subscribe to the premium plans offered by us. The plans fall under different time durations' categories depending on your search for suitable matches.

4. Refund and Discounts: Unless specified in our official email or conveyed to you via proper officials at work, we do not provide discounts here at Nikah Forever. The search for the right prospects at the cost we have put up is genuine enough to demand that. Similarly refund on the subscription isn't again what we supplicate. Cancellation of subscription isn't available until and unless thorough and tedious applications are submitted. Hence make sure that your expense is made in the right state of mind.

5. Access and Proper Usage: Once you've got yourself registered and subscribed to our plan, you're officially a part of our site and this embarks responsibilities and minding the internet's concerns. Of course at nikahforever.com, we work to guarantee secured online searches, but the profile your present, the way you conduct yourself once you access the "express interest" feature and your overall behavior on the website will determine your stay with us. As such we expect, cordiality, maturity and awareness to be the basic virtues you're equipped with.

6. Privacy and settings: While setting up the profile, choose from the varied options of personalities that correctly describes you and your needs in terms of essential criteria you look for in your future spouse. Remember your choices will generate a filter that will sort out the matching profiles for you only. Also you can always edit and refresh your criteria to suit your needs.

7. Customer Care: In case of any query, feedback or in order to report, you can always reach out to your customer care right there in your inbox. Remember we are only a text away.

8. Regulation and Safe surfing: At nikah forever we try to have an elaborate registration process including the verification to get to know you better. Even then, while you're registered with us, you are expected to be equally responsible and concerned about your activities. We do not promote illicit communication nor do we allow harassment of other fellow residents on our site. For this we watch over accounts and their overall conducts while they are registered with us. Once you unregister yourself or get your account deleted, you all at once lose our services and are no longer accountable to us. 

9. Disclaimer: Note We at Nikah Forever attempt our best to ensure genuineness and overall order by monitoring persons who are registered with us. While cent percent regulation is a farce, we do not claim responsibility for any mishap or leak of information that you have shared with us. While we do not encourage any sort of social tension like harassment or blackmailing. You are at your own risk and responsibility to share as much to as little information as you want to. The privacy features are customizable according to the user's wishes which can be altered anytime they want to. Our main effort at Nikah Forever is to provide you a platform where we don't claim responsibility for your otherwise actions that intentionally or unintentionally harm others or pose a threat to them.
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to claim responsibilities for your actions that could influence others both in a good or a bad way.

Also by agreeing to our TOC, you agree to receive emails, SMS, offline texts and calls about updates on the websites, notifications based on your choices or any form of query that you may have put before us. Recommendations and Feedback's are always welcomed but we are not obliged to follow them. Once your registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation email or an offline text on the respective contacts. Also we may request an OTP to confirm your registered mobile number to keep in touch with you for the time you stay registered with us. We will try our best to not spam your inbox and keep our emails concise and clear. In case you fail to receive and OTP or from us, write to us on our customer support mail: [email protected] to ensure filtered matches reach you even without you visiting our site. Your security and well being at our site is our priority as such you are at liberty to report any bugs that come down your way. You can also report profiles but Nikah forever is the final authority in taking the final decisions based on its own understanding of matters. You can choose to stay registered with us as long as you wish to, during which period you can register your complaints your feedback based in your experience with us. Any stranger, unregistered feedback with be treated accordingly. We hope you find a better experience with us.

Besides as mentioned above, the updates involving T&C is a part of our growth and therefore we constantly advice customers to keep in touch with the updates we post on our main site i.e. nikahforever.com. We are here to help you resolve the no. 1 issue in our Indian society. Help us help you and others by putting in honest efforts just like us.