Nikah is one of the important pillars of the Imaan of any Muslim. For both men and women, Nikah eases the situations in life and makes very moment worth living with a partner on your side. Even the Qur’an speaks about Nikah in a very elaborated manner and how it is important to lead a happy life.

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Previous Prophets of Allah have set exemplary lifestyles in which they married women and none of them is there who practiced celibacy. Celibacy is restricting oneself from the fruits of Nikah. We have discussed about celibacy and the dangers of it on of our previous blog articles.

Allah says,

“And We have surely sent Messengers before you O Muhammad and granted then wives and offspring.”                                                                             [Ar-Ra’d 13:38]

The Prophets of Allah who were near to Him married so as to fulfill the Sunnah and please Allah. With this intention, everything became easier for them. The same has been emphasized by the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) who explained that marrying is a part of Sunnah. Those of us who do not follow the Sunnah do not belong to the true followers of him. Although it is true that the highest level of satisfaction and the greatest pleasure and peace of mind came through praying and connecting with Allah. But we cannot deny the fact the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) was also attracted towards fulfilling worldly pleasures like women and perfume.  This was such a natural trait in the the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) and so Nikah forms a part of natural human behavior.

The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) said,

“Of your worldly life, I have been made to desire women and perfume. But the satisfaction of my eye has been made in the Salah.”                              [Sahih ul-Jami no. 3124]

“Marriage is a Snnah of mine; and whoever does not follow my Sunnah is not my followers. Marry because I will display your outnumbering the other nations on Resurrection Day. Whoever has wealth should marry, and whoever does not should fast, because fasting is a restraint for him.”        [as-Sahihah no. 2383]

“Marry; indeed, the best of this Ummah (The Prophet) had the most wives.” [Al-Bukhari and Ahmad]

All these Hadith are an evidence to quote that Nikah is a crucial part of a Muslim’s life. No one of us should try to run away from it. But try to understand it in the best possible manner so as to fulfill the Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger. Surely, there is benefit for us in what Allah has decided good for us.