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Nikahforever.com A place where the mortals shall unite and recite Alhamdulillah.
Assalam-o-alaikum believers!

We are here in these times of adversity to help you find the destined one for you. Prophet PBUH states, "Worry only of the one half, for other half of your religious obligations are done when you step into relation of holy matrimony." At nikahforever.com, we are putting our maximum efforts to make this place qualitatively as well as operation wise sound insha'Allah. By pledging to ensure your security and implementing the same in our work, we want to leave behind as many happy visitors and with the will of Allah, couples who click together and find their way into their happy forever. Being an Islamic site, we tend to the concerns of muslim brothers and sisters only. And to ensure the work is done within the specified norms of our religion, we at nikahforever.com are providing you a safe haven for you to find your perfect match in an environment that is both safe and within our Islamic limits insha'Allah.

At nikahforever.com we find matches for you based on your status as it appears in your registered profile say, bachelor/bachelorette, separated, widowed etc. Similarly, you can find matches for yourself by citing the age group and the other categories that you shall.Your registration process is inturn an elaborate process to extract genuine information from you to be posted in your profile later that will be generated once the registration is completed. You'll have to ascertain your identity in the form of some official document such as PAN card etc to ensure transparency on either sides. You can choose to make your profile picture public or restrain it from the general view. You can then allow its visibility to persons that you find promising and in this way ensure your security yourself as well. For other concerns and feedback you can always write to us at our email Id.

We hope to help and grow and at the same time create an environment for the bringing together of people destined to be.

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